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3 Common Myths about Kombucha Debunked


3 Common Myths about Kombucha Debunked

Kombucha's has gotten a bad rap. You just say the word kombucha and people give you that face. You know the one? It says "Um...I don't think so..."

There's a lot of education that needs to happen around kombucha in part because there is so much misinformation out there. In this blog post, we are going to separate fact from fiction on the 3 most common misconceptions people have a kombuhca. 

Let's go!

Myth: Kombucha is high in Sugar

While sugar is a crucial part of the fermentation process, most of it is consumed by the yeast. The result? A low-sugar, tangy brew that's more friend than foe. 

Myth: All Kombucha Tastes Like Vinegar

How tart a kombucha is based on a lot of factors- length of fermentation, temperature, etc.

We get told all the time that our kombucha doesn’t taste like kombucha. That is doesn’t have that vinegar taste That’s because we brew for picky tummies, 3rd Bird crafts a brew that isn’t too tart or too sweet.

It's true! You can craft your own perfectly balanced kombucha at home the 3rd Bird way- grab our Foolproof Recipe Bundle here. 

Myth: Kombucha Contains High Amounts of Alcohol

It’s true: fermentation does result in alcohol. Foods like Kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut- all contain trace amounts of alcohol if not pasteurized. 

Kombucha typically contains trace amounts of alcohol than 0.5% - far less than your favorite orange juice! (Yup- orange juice can ferment)

Since we brew for our kiddos, we constantly test of brew. We also use whole fruits that dilute and brew to order shortening our fermentation time.

Ready to try kombucha? Whether your a kombucha newbie or you've been drinking it for a long time, our not too tart, not too sweet brews will delight your taste buds and convert you to our flock of booch lovers. 

Ready to brew some amazing kombucha at home? Grab our Foolproof, Time Saving Kombucha Recipe Bundle here. 


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