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7 Reasons Why to Stop Buy Kombucha from the Store: And Start Drink Locally Brewed Instead


7 Reasons Why to Stop Buy Kombucha from the Store: And Start Drink Locally Brewed Instead
There are so many reasons why you should drink locally brewed kombucha. And no, I'm not saying this because I'm the Doer & Brewer of 3rd Bird Kombucha a small craft brewery in Denver, Colorado. 
Locally brewed kombucha has way more going for it than you think.
In this blog post, we'll drive into 7 reasons why consuming local brew is not just better for you but for your community. 
Locally brewed kombucha is fresher since it doesn't have to travel long distances or sit on store shelves for extended periods.
Better for the planet:
Much of the kombucha found in your store had to travel great distance to get onto the shelves. By choosing local, you’re lowering your carbon footprint.
Local Microbes for Better Gut Health:
Each sip of locally brewed kombucha introduces you to a diverse ecosystem of beneficial microbes that are unique to your area supporting your gut health in delicious ways.
Support Your Neighbors:
Buying locally brewed kombucha supports small businesses and strengthens the local economy, contributing to your community’s growth.
Greater Transparency:
With local kombucha, you can often interact directly with the brewers, gaining insight into ingredients, production methods, and ensuring higher quality control standards.
Local Flavors: 
Local brewers often offer a wider range of flavors and unique blends because of partnerships with local growers & producers. This provides you with diverse options to explore and enjoy.
Less Sugar: While national brands often add extra sugar for flavor consistency, local brewers have the flexibility in longer fermentation periods. This results in brew with lower sugar content.
Want to get hyper local with your kombucha? Then brew it yourself! Check out our kombucha recipe bundle and soon you'll be soaring with amazing homebrew for you and your flock. 

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