Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's How it Works:

1. Rinse out your bottles & leave them out on your delivery date. You can also bring your bottles to one of our farmers' markets.

2. Our delivery drivers will pick up old bottles when they drop off your new ones.

3. Bottles are brought back to our facility to be thoroughly steamed and sanitized so the cycle can continue.

3rd Bird will last for up to 3 months in your fridge - we doubt it'll last that long, though! Once opened, the bubbles stick around for 3-5 days. Not finished with your bottle & need some extra fizz? Mix with sparkling water or your favorite seltzer to keep it bubbly!

Like all fermented drinks, sugar is used at the start of the fermentation process. However, no sugar is added in the flavoring process. We only use whole, organic fruits & herbs to flavor our kombucha.

All of our kombucha has the same base. Click here to find the nutritional information for our basic brew.

Our kombucha is made with a base of organic green and black tea. We then add our whole fruits and herbs.

For 16 oz bottles (1 serving size)

Calories: 90

Total Fat- 0

Sodium- 0

Total Carbs: 10 grams-including 3 grams of added sugar. (This is a bit confusing as there's fermentation occurring which consumes a lot of the sugars.)

The nutritional information is consistent across all of our flavors, expect for strawberry basil which has 9 grams of carbs. 

3rd Bird is brewed with both black & green teas. After fermentation, all flavors have as much caffeine as 1/3 of a cup of tea (15mg).

Yes! 3rd Bird hatched with kids especially in mind. Our founder started brewing as a way to alleviate her son's GI challenges stemming from autism. 3rd Bird combines ingredients that play off of each other’s strengths to build a flavor profile that's simple, functional, & yummy - even for picky tummies.