Flavor Descriptions

Apple Clove: Cloves are best known as a sweet and aromatic spice. Yet cloves have many health benefits, including supporting liver health and helping stabilize blood sugar levels- perfect for the season of over-indulgence. And with mild sweet tasting apples picked from Park Hill trees, this kombucha is the season is a glass. Or jar. Or however, you’d like to drink it. (Seasonal) 

Blackberry Sage: In our opinion, blackberries are the perfect fruit. They're not too tart & not too sweet - just like 3rd Bird Kombucha. They’re also full of fiber which is something we could all always use a bit more of.

The sage in this booch comes straight from our Doer & Brewer's own garden in Park Hill & provides 10% of your Vitamin K needs, plus it packs a mean punch of antioxidants.

Hibiscus Blood Orange: With 9 times the amount of antioxidants than a typical navel orange, blood oranges pack a mighty punch. In addition, blood oranges contain polyphenols that help protect you from UV damage, making this the perfect summertime drink.

Hibiscus Lime Mint: Rich in color & flavor, this booch gets things moving! All 3 ingredients help to aid in digestion & reduce inflammation.

Mint has a ton of antiviral properties which is perfect for keeping everyone in your flock healthy. Our mint comes straight from our Doer & Brewer's own garden in Park Hill.

Pear Lavender: Lavender helps calm the body by reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, & depression. Lavender can also help to relieve restlessness & poor sleep. When the flock sleeps better, we all do better.

Pear adds some sweetness while providing your body with vital minerals like copper & potassium.

Pineapple Hops: Bright & hoppy! This booch will have you imagining yourself hanging out on a patio with all of your favorite people.

Raspberry Elderflower: A super wellness-boosting combo! High in vitamin C, raspberries give this booch its yummy sweetness. Elderflower brings a subtle herbal flavor, but don’t let its delicate taste fool you - it’s a cold and flu-fighting ninja.

Strawberry Basil: Basil is our Doer & Brewer's secret weapon. Besides its amazing taste, basil has incredible antiseptic properties & is high in magnesium to get your blood flowing. Our basil comes straight from our Doer & Brewer's own garden in Park Hill.

Add delicious strawberries into the mix & you’ve got a perfect Colorado summer day right in your hands… & your mouth!