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Simplify your life with 3rd Bird Kombucha - a game changer that supports gut health and satisfies everyone's taste buds. Subscribe for hassle-free scheduled deliveries and exclusive discounts. Prioritize your health and simplify your life today.

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Only Real Fruit in the Booch

We believe that the best ingredients equal healthy gut bacteria. That's why our kombucha is made with just two ingredients: real fruit and organic tea. And it’s delicious.


Easy On Your Gut And Wallet

Packed with probiotic goodness, our kombucha is brewed to order- meaning you're getting the freshest booch. The more you get delivered- the more $$ your nest saves.


Do Good

As a Colorado Proud ™ small business, supporting local organizations that work hard to make our communities kinder & more inclusive is a must for us. We donate a portion of our sales to various Colorado nonprofits. We source from our local farmers ehen we can as our flavors often reflect the seasons.


Sustainablity At Your Door

 We are a company commited to sustainablity. From our locally sourced ingrediants that are composted to bottles that get reused, we are committed to Colorado. And we are committed to you. We've made it super simple to change, pause, or cancel your subscription. And when it comes time for delivery? We'll text you!

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How We Hatched

Brewed by a Mother

Crafted by a middle school science teacher and a mom of three- 3rd Bird set out to do something impossible- craft a drink that everyone would love. Young or old, 3rd Bird delights the taste buds & has you coming back for more. 
So grab a glass and cheers to those lucky to be in your flock. 

Subscription is Our Speciality

Keep your flock happy and fridge fully stocked with our hassle-free, cost-effective, and reliable subscription program. You can now enjoy fresh 3rd Bird Kombucha delivered straight to your doorstep with just a few clicks. 


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Predictable Delivery
We deliver every Wednesday and Thursday. You'll get an email and text letting you know our flight plan.  
No Commitment
We've made it super simple to change, pause, or cancel your subscription.
Best quality
We brew to order using only organic, whole fruits & herbs & our kombucha is bottled just days prior to taking flight.

A Flock of Flavors

Taste What Everyone is Tweeting About

Happy customers

These birdies know what's up.
Kombucha that Delivers? Yes Please! This has become the only kombucha I drink anymore! Even my fiancé who formerly couldn’t stand the vinegar after taste of kombucha is hooked on the stuff now. Wonderful company, incredible product, and best part… they deliver!

Amanda Collins

❤️ Supporting This Women Owned Business I love 3rd Bird Kombucha! I’m not usually a fan of kombucha but third bird is delicious. Also, I love supporting a woman owned locally owned business. Spending money locally helps keeps money in our community.

Faith W

Love the Simple Flavors Absoluetly LOVE 3rd Bird Kombucha! I have been drinking booch for years and have never found something like this. The flavors are incredible & I love how easy the home delivery is.

Kristin F

Best Kombucha for My Family I was never really a fan of kombucha until I tried 3rd Bird. The innovative flavors mixed with the refreshing carbonation make it the perfect drink all the time! The best part is they sell it at my favorite farmers market (City Park), deliver and I can also pick it up at local stores and breweries! The. Best.

Karis E

Whole Family Enjoys! Tastes delicious, and it’s great to support a local business. It’s something my whole family can enjoy.

Matt G

Great Taste! Tastes great, fantastic story, and doing good in the community! Highly recommend

Jess M

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need to change my delivery date?

Our subscription program puts you in the pilot's seat. Just log in to your account and you'll be able to pause, update your address, and more. If you have questions about your order, please reach out to

When Do You Deliver?

We delvier every Wednesday and Thursday

Can I pick own flavors? 

Yes! Add your favorites in the seller's notes or email us directly at

Can I customize my subscription?

For sure! Just purchase a subscription & email us at letting us know exactly what your nest needs. What a delviery every 6 weeks? Or 5 bottles every other? We got you- this flock flies together!

Where do you deliver?

Our flight path is Denver-metro area, Boulder, Longmont, Golden and everywhere in between.

How long does your kombucha last?

3 months- but we swear it won't last that long!

What is the nutritional content of your kombucha? 

Our kombucha is made with a base of organic green and black tea. We then add our whole fruits and herbs.

 For 16 oz bottles (1 serving size)
 Calories: 90
 Total Fat- 0 Sodium- 0
 Total Carbs: 10 grams-including 3 grams of added sugar. (This is a bit confusing as there's fermentation occurring which consumes a lot of the sugars.)
 The nutritional information is consistent across all of our flavors, expect for strawberry basil which has 9 grams of carbs. 

Is your product organic? Gluten Free? Vegan? 

Yes. Yes. and Yes. 

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