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Save Money | Design Your Own Kombucha Homebrewing Kit


Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of kombucha brewing but feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of kits and equipment available? As a seasoned pro brewer, I'm here to tell you that starting your kombucha homebrewing journey doesn't have to break the bank or clutter your kitchen with unnecessary gadgets. With the right essentials, you can set yourself up for success without sacrificing space, quality, or your hard-earned dollars.

Here's a curated list of my favorite brewing supplies that I use both at home and in my professional brewing endeavors at 3rd Bird. These items not only ensure top-notch results but also allow for customization to fit your unique lifestyle.

  1. The Foundation: Glass Jars

Every homebrew setup needs a sturdy foundation, and nothing beats the versatility of glass jars. The 1 pack 1-gallon glass jars, available in both single packs and packs of 4, are the cornerstone of any kombucha brewing operation. Trust me, I've had over 50 of these babies going at once during 3rd Bird's early days! Additionally, the 2.5-gallon glass jar is perfect for scaling up your batches when you're ready to expand your brewing operation.

  1. Essential Accessories

I love these tea towels. They serve as perfect covers for your brew, allowing airflow while keeping contaminants at bay. Invest in a stack of these, and you'll never be short of clean covers again. pH strips are indispensable for ensuring that your brew is fermenting correctly, providing peace of mind with every batch.

  1. Starter Tea and Tea Selection

Running low on starter tea or need to give your brew a boost? I swear by this starter tea, which adds that extra kick to my booch when needed. When it comes to tea selection, I rely on Teatulia for all my brewing needs. Their teas are not only organic and delicious but also B-Corp certified, aligning with my values as a conscious brewer. Whether it's green tea or black tea you prefer, Teatulia has you covered. For those seeking an extra kick, their higher caffeine line is a game-changer, especially the black tea variant.

My favorites: 

Green Tea

Black Tea

Looking for kombucha with a bit more zig? Teatulia has a higher caffeine line. I especially like the black tea. 

 Learn Why We Use These Teas- Enroll in Our No-Mess Kombucha: Step-by-Step Masterclass for Homebrewing Success Online Course

  1. Convenient Brewing Aids

Disposable tea bags are a godsend for containing loose leaf tea and flavorings, making cleanup a breeze. 

A trusty funnel with a strainer ensures smooth bottling and helps remove any unwanted baby SCOBYs that may form in your bottles. One of my most used pieces of homebrewing equipment- funnel. This funnel also comes with a strainer so if baby scobys start forming in my bottles, I can easily get them out. 

And speaking of flavorings, elevate your brew with ingredients like lavender, elderflower, and hibiscus - the same ones I use in 3rd Bird's booch.

Learn how to brew kombucha at home without the mess in our No Mess Kombucha:Step-by-Step Masterclass to Homebrewing Success. Designed for busy folks like you, this course will have you confidently brewing tasty creations in no time!

  1. Bottling and Carbonation

Wide-mouth mason jars are perfect for flavoring your kombucha, offering ample space for infusions and creative concoctions. And ensure that you won’t end up with exploding kombucha! 32 oz jars and 24 oz jars

Pair them with easy-grip lids, which are BPA-free and ideal for carbonating your brew without the risk of metal contamination.

But Sara, I always thought homebrewers used fliptop bottles? I find these types of bottles to be frankly a pain in the butt. Not only is cleaning difficult, they can make your kombucha extra bubbly causing an explosion all over your kitchen. I'm sorry, I want to drink my homemade booch- not clean it!

Learn how to carbonate from a pro- enroll in our No Mess Kombucha:Step-by-Step Masterclass to Homebrewing Success. 

  1. Expert Guidance

Looking for comprehensive guidance in your brewing journey? Look no further than "The Big Book of Kombucha." Dubbed the "Holy Grail" of kombucha brewing, this book covers everything from brewing techniques to flavoring tips, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to craft the perfect brew every time.

Want to learn more? Enroll in our No-Mess Kombucha: Step-by-Step Masterclass to Homebrewing Success Today!

Crafting your own kombucha homebrewing station isn't just about brewing; it's about creating a space that reflects your lifestyle and preferences. With these carefully selected equipment recommendations, you'll be well on your way to brewing delicious kombucha without breaking the bank.

So, roll up your sleeves, gather your supplies, and let the brewing adventure begin.


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